Speakers 2022

Prof. Andreas Schleicher  

Director for Education and Skills

Using Technology to Transform, Not to Conserve, Educational Practice

Mr. Jim Brigadier

President Global Markets Anthology+Blackboard

Education Redefined: Mastering Digital Transformation

Dr. David Decker  

President of Franklin University

Defining and Assuring Quality in E-Learninga

Dr. Abdulrahman Habib

Deputy Research Director National Center for Artificial Intelligence at SDAIA

A School in 2040

Prof. Roger Freedman

Associate Teaching Professor of Physics

Active Learning in STEM Education: Making Your Lecture Classes Come Alive

Dr. Scott Nowson 

AI Leader PWC Middle East

Ethics in E-Learning Innovations

Dr. Haya Zedan

Consultant Vice Presidency for Planning, Development and Quality


Mr. Oleg Figlin

Global Director in SAP 

Towards Intelligent Experiences

Dr. Bandar Khayyal

General Manager of Program Accreditation at ETEC-NCAAA

Quality 4.0: Transforming Accreditation for New Economy Directions

Ms. Hania Baramki

Area 9 Lyceum

Adaptive Learning and the 21st Century Skills

Mr. Donald Doane

Co-Founder & CEO Connect Yard Inc. 

Student Engagement is Key to Success and Persistence

Mr. Sobhi Al-Tawil 

"Director of UNESCO Education Sector Future of Learning and Innovation "

Digital Humanism and the Future of Education

Dr. Mohammed Bashammakh

Executive Director of the Saudi National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment

Quality Assurance in E-Learning

Mr. Dan Sandhu

CEO Sparx Learning

Understanding Tech Encroaching on Proven Pedagogy

Mr. Saed Al-Shaer 

Partner PWC

Emerging Technology in Higher Education

Dr. Bror Saxberg

Founder of Learning Forge LLC    

How Learning Science Should Change What and How You Teach

Mr. Yves Khalil

Higher Education Industry Lead at Microsoft

Augmented/Mixed Reality: A New Vision for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Kiko Suarez

Vice President, Higher Education & Workforce Development  Territorium 

The Value of Comprehensive Learner Records

Mr. Nathan Thomas

UCL Institute of Education & University of Oxford 

Innovative E-Learning Approaches for Learner Engagement

Mr. Thomas Jepsen

President at Symplicity Corporation.

How can E-Learning become Driver for the National Human Capital and Employability Transformation

Ms. Georgie Jones

Partnership Manager at BTL

The Future of Learning and Assessment

Ms. Amy Dimola

Senior Accessibility Strategist

Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Design

Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker 

Recovery Officer -Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

"E-Learning as a Solution for a New Era Leading Change in Higher Education "

Dr. David Conley

President/Principal Partner EDImagine

The Challenges of the New Workplace: How Education Can Prepare Students for an Uncertain Future. The Promise and Practice of Next-Generation Assessment

Dr. Hazzaa Al-Shareef

VP Academic Affairs Saudi Electronic University


Prof. Chris Dede

Professor Harvard University

Next Generation Teaching and Learning

Dr. Paul Savory  

Provost of Colorado State  University Global

Innovating the Student Learning Experience

Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen

CEO  Area 9 Lyceum 


Dr. David Marshall

 CEO of Beyond Campus

Designing with Change in Mind

Mr. Brook Negussie

CEO of ELearn Africa

A Movement from Traditional to Digital Learning 

Mr. Raghav Iyer

Principal Strategy


Mr. Paddy McLaughlin

Business Development Manager  BTL Group Ltd. 

The Future of Learning and Assessment

Ms. Krista Greear

Senior Accessibility Strategist

Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Design

Mr. Andrew Jeffreys

CEO at Oxford Business Group

Private Sector Involvement in E-Learning

Dr. Ayham Fayyoumi 

Intelligent Digital Education Lead PWC Middle East

Considerations for Quality E-Learning Practices

Ms. Pamela Toney 

President, CSU Global

Transforming Learning Through Technology

Dr. Marwah AlMasri

Dean of Graduate Studies Saudi Electronic University


Prof. Eric Schultz

Professor  Mathematica

Lead the Way to a Better Place

Ms. Kari Branjord

Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation at Ellucian

The Future of Higher Education: Pragmatic Considerations

Mr. Somaroy Gabbita

CEO  Human Logic Software LLC

Enhancing Learning Experience Beyond Technology

Dr. Kristina Dervojeda

Leader PWC Innovation Research Centre 

Responsible Digital Transformation of Education

Mr. Mohammed Khair Nahhas

Director of Implementation Excellence at Area9 Lyceum

Adaptive Learning and the 21st Century Skills

Mr. Samer Jaffer

General Manager  MENA & Singapore  Explorance

Students Feedback: Engagement Vs. Response Rates